Is Your Windshield Ready For A Long Road Trip?

19 September 2022
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America is a huge country, and many people enjoy going on long road trips to see family, friends, or just different, beautiful parts of this great part of the world. However, before you do go on a big road trip, it is important that your vehicle is ready for the rough terrain and long distances you are going to put it through. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your car's safety that many people overlook is the windshield itself. Here are a few reasons why you should talk to an auto glass repair contractor before setting off on your trip.

Not Just Problems With The Glass

Many people assume that you only need to call for auto glass repair when something is cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken on your glass windows. While you certainly should call for help in those circumstances, that is not the only time an auto glazier can help you. If your windshield's rubber seal is starting to crack due to age, or if your windshield itself is warped and moving out of position, then you should call for help immediately. A loose windshield is just as dangerous as a cracked one, and it can be jolted free quite easily on a long route.

Tiny Cracks

Before you go on your journey, it is important you have a real close inspection of your windshield. Not just a general look from a few feet away, but a very close inspection from a foot away or even closer. Look at the corners for tiny little cracks that you may be able to spot. Sometimes these cracks can be fixed without replacing the entire windshield by specialist auto glass repair mechanics. Whatever the case, doing this close inspection can save you a lot of hurt on the road if you are able to find a problem and patch it before leaving.


Sometimes the age of a car is the best predictor of whether or not the windshield can handle long journeys. If the car is several decades old and has never had a windshield replacement, then you may want to go and get it checked out by a professional just to ensure it is not weakened by age. There might be no clues at all and your windshield could simply break if it is old enough and weakened by the ravages of time. Long journeys are not to be taken lightly, as you will go down rough and often unsealed roads on your trip so you want your car to be in tip-top shape, which is why you should visit a car glass repair expert before you go.

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